We know that Indonesia has birthed diverse and amazing Changemakers from Melati Wisjen and Abdul Halim (Kepala Desa Sekapuk) to Nadiem Makarim and Sri Mulyani.

We also know that we need more Changemakers in Indonesia so that we can leapfrog our country’s well-being.

Then, how can we catalyze the creation of Indonesian Changemakers?
BhinnekaLab does this by studying, defining and measuring unique mindset and traits of Indonesian Changemakers to then create science backed, innovative and technology based tools and products to help every Indonesian to thrive (the ability to bounce back and bounce forward).
We believe that anyone can be a changemaker,
despite of their background life situations.
A world where every Indonesian can thrive (can bounce back and bounce forward) and contribute to the community.
Design science backed tools, products and services to remove the barriers for Indonesians, specifically the marginalized populations, to thrive in the future.
We produce Insights
To study 500 Indonesian Changemakers to discover their mindset and traits that are uniquely Indonesian (based on our values and culture)
  • Whitepaper
  • Indonesian changemaker framework and model
We Design Interventions
To create tools and interventions method to be able to measure the Changemaker mindset and traits, for all Indonesians, that can be used as reflection and learning plan to groom future Changemakers.
  • Online tools and resources (website, downloadables, webinars, etc)
  • Offline resources (discussion groups, conferences, etc)
We use Innovations
Use design thinking to develop new ways to shape and scale the mindset and traits of Indonesian Changemakers, using both the power of Technology and Community.
We are Indonesia Centric
To align the study and solution with Pelajar Pancasila that can be used for schools, teachers, educators and parents to further unlock the potentials of Indonesians.
In doing our study, we are partnering with the research expert, Lembaga Demografi FEB UI and Faculty of Psychology UI. The partnership comes from an aligned vision to contribute to the development of our nation, then we will discover and measure, we will produce the science-backed tools, and finally to groom future Indonesian Changemakers together.
BersamaBISAcerdas (Bangun Inspirasi, Sikap, Akhlak, dan Cerdas) is a flagship program from YABB to help elementary, junior, and senior high school students who are the most vulnerable to endure distance learning during the pandemic. The program provided tablets to students, montly internet stipend, as well as monthly support to assist in their learning experience. To further refine their learning journey and develop their mindsets in line with necessary 21st century skills, we provided support in the form of mentors and professional facilitators throughout the program.