Water is an intrinsic source of life, but water-related problems are also increasingly threatening our livelihoods. Among many environmental issues, water is an interconnected sector that is linked to waste, circular economy, and resilient cities.

Catalyst Changemakers Ecosystem

CCE is a game changing ecosystem focused on convening and empowering multi-sector stakeholders via our Catalyst Changemakers Lab (CCL), Pilot Projects, and hyperlocal integrated IoT Water Platform.

By convening the changemakers and catalyzing the innovation, we aim to improve water access and build resilience against water-related disasters in Indonesia for all.

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Disaster Resilience

Indonesia is no stranger to natural disasters. Between January and June this year, approximately 1,441 disasters occurred with 98% of them consiting of hydrometeorological disasters such as flooding, landslides, cyclones, and tsunamis. These disasters not only displace and socioeconomically impact hundreds of thousands of people every year, they also take a toll on the built infrastructure of cities, rendering communities more vulnerable to the compounding effects of climate change.

Tsunami Early Detection & Warning

At YABB, we believe in developing disaster resilience in communities and in cities across Indonesia that goes beyond last mile relief efforts. In partnership with the Bandung Institute of Technology, we supported the deployment of the Undersea Acoustic Network for Early Tsunami Detection and Warning in the Mentawai Channel, Indonesia. The groundbreaking technology of the underwater tsunami warning system is the first of its kind to use cables instead of surface buoys, which is more prone to damage and vandalism. More importantly, the tsunami warning system is able to detect potential tsunamis 10-15 minutes earlier than other systems in place, allowing more time for evacuation.